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The Wonderland and the Forest

The Wonderland and the Forest

We are incredibly excited to announce our wonderful new brand ambassador, Whitney Valverde.
An award-winning blogger and a top-rated social media influencer with over 300K followers, Whitney has made a name for herself as the 'it' girl for all things Fashion, Travel, and Lifestyle!

After being introduced to Whitney's blog, Whitney's Wonderland, we immediately fell in love with her style, serenity and with her spiritual soul. She embodied our values and essence, so we went on to set up our first meeting, after which we were convinced and eager to involve her in everything we were doing!

Whitney Valverde Brand Ambassador
Tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm a hopeful romantic! I like to say hopeful as I never lose hope!! I live my life each day by being grateful for everything I have and making sure I cherish each moment. I find romance in everything I do, be it work, friendship, travel, relationships… I’ve always been a very positive person and love that I’m able to share my optimism and good energy with my lovely Wonderers (followers/readers) on a daily basis.

What are the top three things your followers enjoy from your content?

My content can vary between spirituality, Life in London and Fashion! I absolutely love the life I have built here in London and just love everything about the city! I share and review various hotspots in London, mainly restaurant and hotels. I even document my experience at various events and I'm always encouraging everyone to get back out there and enjoy everything this beautiful city has to offer!

In relation to my spiritual side, I believe in energy and the cause of the universe, and how manifesting can help you be a better person or achieve certain objectives in life.  My rituals, spirituality/ law of attraction is something I get asked about a lot!

You have worked with so many notable and recognised brands. What has that been like?

I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing brands such as Dior, YSL, and Revolve which has been a truly wonderful blessing! It has been an absolute dream come true to work with some of my favourite designers, or have the opportunity to travel with hospitality brands, as well as fashion and beauty icons. It has been amazing!

On par, I also absolutely love working with many up and coming brands and watching them reach their full potential. For example, I worked with a Costa Rican brand called Toribio Donato, that started out small and then grew to be one of the biggest fashion labels in Costa Rica in just seven years! I love the fact that I was part of their journey and will always fondly speak of it's humble beginnings and the journey ventured so far!

What do you like most about Forest Flames and why do you think more people ought to know more about us?

I love that it is a female-owned brand that started with a simple concept. The psychology behind human interaction with nature and how surrounding ourselves with nature can have a direct impact on our mood! Everything the brand designs and sells is inspired by nature or aimed to improve self-love. The brand exudes such positive energy and you can just see the passion and art with the level of craft that goes into creating their products! From the candles with flowers on it to flower shaped candles, to chocolates and lollipops decorated with flowers, there is a touch of nature in everything! I'm obsessed!

What are your top five products from Forest Flames that we may find in your shopping basket?

1. The Vision Board book - The way to start the new year! Set clear intentions with a vision board and manifest in the new year!! It's so practical and pretty!

2. The Winter candle - It’s stunning, smells delicious, and makes my coffee table look so chic.

3. The entire flower candles range but in particular the Romantica Rose - The level of skill required to make a candle look like an actual flower just blows my mind!

4. The bath range of salts and milks - Celebrate self-love and self-care!...also makes me feel like a total queen!

5. Hand decorated smudges - I’ve never seen smudges look as beautiful as these! They are even paired with a crystal that comes with! Perfect!




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