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Flower power

We started our online store after many years of crafting and creating in our very own kitchen. We made everything from candles to bath bombs, and we even made toothpaste! (although that didn't work out so well) At first, we did it to save a few quid here and there; after all, we needed to afford our life in London, but soon we found that there weren't other brands that combined art and nature with everyday products - at least not like the way we did.


Humans have always been strangely attracted to the aesthetics of nature, true it has medicinal properties and offers us sustenance and shelter, but leaving the primary survival needs aside why are we drawn to its beauty? From stone drawings of flowers and trees, our ancestors left in caves to the modern-day practice of bringing flowers and plants into our home, what is this multi-sensory affair we have with the aesthetics of nature?


The simple answer is, it is how it makes us feel. The beauty of nature has a measurable impact on our moods and emotions. Studies have shown a direct link to happiness and even some reported emotions of delight and gratitude. Further studies have researched family dynamics in a home with flowers and plants to others with none, and have found that the presence of nature in their homes led to stronger relationships between family members.


So we thought if flowers in a vase and plants in pots can do wonders to our emotional health surely, using these elements in other objects should have the same effect? And that's what we did! We put preserved flowers, spices, and herbs in candles, in soaps, in our baths, in our oils, in our tea, and hell we even made candles to look like flowers! ...and that's how Forest Flames was born.


We're glad that you found us, and hope you’ll enjoy our products as much as we do!


P.S. You'll be happy to know that we have now moved production from our little kitchen to a dedicated office space (next to our bedroom). And we still live in super-expensive London (and we love it!).

Our mission is you

Beauty to us is the type that shines through your personality. It is the way you make others feel in your presence. It is the confidence and love you have for yourself that shines through your actions. It is your spirit and energy, your imprint on the world. This form of beauty can only be achieved by true self-love. You cannot buy it in a store, you can't wear it on a date, or you can't spray it like a perfume, and no we can't sell it to you either (no matter how cute we make it look!) But here's what we can do, we can help you practice it.


Take care of your emotional well-being. Take time out for yourself. The easier the world becomes with technology the harder it is to navigate in real life. So be kind to yourself. Light a scented candle, make an absolutely extravagant bath, sip tea from the Fujian Forests in China - Do more of what makes you happy. We've got you!

Our products

Our products bring together the finest materials and stunning design to create something very special. We believe in quality, care, and creating unique products that make people happy. Colourful, creative, and inspired by nature, each product represents what we love about the world we live in. We hope they'll inspire you too.

Our values

Delivering an escape amidst the pressures of city life, we understand just how important it is to promote the wellbeing of our community. We believe our naturally sourced handcrafted products can convince you to slow down and take a minute to reflect and unload.


We understand our responsibility to protect the environment, which is why we are constantly reviewing our practice and incorporating creative technologies to reduce our carbon footprint. We use natural ingredients in all of our products, and encourage customers to re-use and re-purpose our containers where possible.


Established in the vibrant City of London, Forest Flames is everything the city proudly stands for! We stand for complete inclusivity and celebrate the fact that we have more within us that brings us together than those that brings us apart. Working towards establishing a culture of kindness and acceptance, we - like our City embrace diversity.


Our home.

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