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Crystal: Rose Quartz

From our Gifts from Gaea collection, manifest attractions of unconditional love and boost feelings of self-love just by surrounding yourself with these beautiful rose quartz crystals. Hand-mined in Brazil, these babies come to you in all its natural (unpolished) glory, perfect to use with our carefully paired essential oils to enhance your energy further. Place a few drops of oil directly onto your crystals and enjoy these stones as a passive aroma diffuser. You may even choose to add a heating element and use it with our oil burners. 

Product details

  • Crystal: Rose Quartz
  • Use: For manifesting feelings of love and compassion
  • Natural crystals
  • Hand-mined from Brazil
  • Product dimension: varies in shape and size; approx. 6-8 pieces; 250g
  • Comes with a velvet drawstring bag
  • Vegan Friendly

Other details

  • We highly recommend you pair Bergamot essential oil with your Rose Quartz crystals to enhance your energy and maintain balance - 10ml
  • Place your crystals in our gorgeous celestial crystal holder. Perfect nook for your crystals with enough room to breathe. Perfect for manifesting. 
  • Fill your space with love by using the crystal and oil combination with our Forest Flames oil burner for some home aromatherapy.


You can use your crystals in many ways. Don't forget to set an intention when holding your crystals.

Place them around the house where the family gathers to promote a loving space or place by your bedside to boost feelings of self-love. 

Use them as a passive aroma diffuser by setting your crystals on a plate or decorative tray or use our celestial moon crystal holder to stylishly display your crystals in any room. Place a few drops of essential oil (see our perfect pairings above) directly onto the stones. You may choose to use them with an oil burner for a stronger smell.

Place in direct sunlight for a cleanse and recharge.

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