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Detachable exfoliating brush - Dry

This detachable brush made out of natural fibres is an amazing addition to your healthy skin routine. On dry skin and starting from your feet and working your way up (this is where the long arm handle comes in handy! Seriously!) brush in the direction to your heart. For parts of your body below your heart brush upwards and vice versa for your upper body. This is to encourage the normal lymph flow within your body.

Do not press down or put too much pressure. Brush with gentle strokes. Do not use on the face. To use before a shower/bath. 

    Product details

    • Material: Loofah, lotus, polyester & cotton
    • Bamboo head & handle - detachable
    • Perfect for dry exfoliation
    • Product dimensions: 40cm x 10cm x 7cm
    • Vegan Friendly

      Care Instructions

      Store in a cool dry place. 

      Occasionally immerse your brush in a bowl of water and clean the bristles with liquid soap. Towel dry.

      Rinse to clean after each use. Spray Tea tree oil.

      Use for up to three months.

      Following these instructions will enable you to safely enjoy our products.

      Handmade disclaimer

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      Any item you purchase is one of a kind. There are no two items in our shop that are exactly the same.

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