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The Ultimate Vision Board Book

Our Favourite! An absolute must-have for going after your dreams. Our mantra is 'if you see it, you'll believe it, and when you believe, magic happens!' Alright, it's a mash-up of songs from the 90s but you get our drift! So stop wasting your precious time because this book won't hang around for long. It has everything (700+) from photos to inspirational phrases, colour matched and curated to motivate you! So get going and go after your dream!

    Product details

    • Vision Board Book
    • Features 700+ inspirational photographs, phrases and images
    • Includes handy tips to get you started on your vision board
    • 120 pages of inspiration
    • Printed on 100% recycled paper
    • Product dimensions: 28cm x 21.5cm; 453g
    • Vegan Friendly

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