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Sugar wands - Assorted colours

Stir sugar in style with our handmade ombre effect sugar wands. These luxurious and incredibly stylish wands will skyrocket standards at your next tea party! They scream class and elegance and will also make a beautiful gift to any tea drinker. 

Simply dip the wand in your hot beverage and stir! Beautiful!

Product details

  • Sugar wand x1
  • Flavour: Candyfloss
  • Ingredients: Natural sugars (cane sugar, glucose), colourings (approved colourings, acitic acid, glucose, water) and flavours (approved flavouring substances, water and propylene glycol). Lace contains Wheat Starch, Fructose, Glucose, Thickener E440, Approved colouring, Vanilla Essence, Preservative E202
  • Handmade by artists
  • Made in the UK
  • Product dimensions: 17cm; 39g
  • Vegan Friendly

May contain traces of nuts.

Store dry and protected from light, preferably at a temperature of 12-20 ° C

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