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Blooming Flower Tea

What should one endeavour to do for a blooming cup of tea!? It seems like A LOT for the type of blooming tea we are talking about - but boy is it worth it!

From the Fujian region of China, our hand-harvested green tea is meticulously assembled with dried flowers in a painstakingly intricate process of folding the leaves into bulbs that will appear to bloom when immersed in boiling water. Hand-tied by artists, each bulb features a range of delicate flowers, designs and scents; all boasting a long list of health benefits!

We highly recommend using a traditional Chinese transparent double wall glass tea set to fully enjoy the tea experience.

Product details

  • Assorted 
  • Hand-harvested 
  • Handmade by artists
  • Sourced from Fujian province in China
  • Vegan Friendly

Purchase options:

  • Sample pack (x6) assorted
  • Package dimensions: 9cm x 11cm; 53g
  • Tea bulbs (x10) assorted with jar
  • Airtight glass container with a bamboo lid made to perfectly store your tea bulbs
  • Package dimensions: 9cm x 8cm; 250g


Each tea bulb is wrapped in a coloured aluminium foil which indicates the type of flower used. 

Gold: Rose & Green Tea Bud

Green: Lily, Rose, Chrysanthemum & Green Tea Bud

Blue: Rose, Jasmine & Green Tea Bud

Red: Carnation & Green Tea Bud

Silver: Jasmine, Rose & Green Tea Bud

Purple: Rose, Peony & Green Tea Bud

Remove the bulb from the wrapper and place it in your see-through teapot - don't have one? Get one here. Boil about 400-500ml of water to a 100°C. Fill your teapot with boiling water and place the lid on. Allow it to immerse in boiling water for about 3 minutes. You will soon see the bulb unfurl its petals and leaves to full bloom. You may choose to use a strainer or pour directly into your double-wall see-through glass. 

If using the bloomed tea the second time ensure that your water is warm and not boiling, as this will burn the flowers. Discard after the second use.

You may choose to add some sugar or honey for a sweeter taste.

Handmade disclaimer

The product(s) you receive might vary slightly from the product picture due to the nature of your product(s) being 100% handmade.

Any item you purchase is one of a kind. There are no two items in our shop that are exactly the same.

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