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Smile with flowers

Smile with flowers

Colourful bouquet of wax flowers by Forest Flame

Step into our secret garden and immerse yourself in the wonders of candle-making. Pushing the envelope yet again, Forest Flames recreates the perfect bloom in wax form.

A scented flower you can light (or keep) made by delicately placing individually rolled petals to form an exceptional work of art. Averaging around 4 hours of labour (per candle!!!) with some boasting of over 200 petals; these beauties are bound to take your breath away.

The collection carries a range of flowers available in a choice of colours, sizes, and scents - just as Mother Earth anticipated them to be. Mix and match them to make a colourful bouquet or place them on a tray for a gorgeous centrepiece; be prepared to answer a few questions.

Collection of handmade flower candles by Forest Flames

Make sure you hurry when they are gone they are gone! Due to the complexities and time that goes into making one of these candles, we are not always able to keep up with demand. Please do email us if you wish to pre-order -
  • Ranunculus (also known as buttercups) are colourful and swirly flowers; known across the world; for their stunningly beautiful multi-layered ruffled petals. A flower that symbolises charm and attractiveness, these beauties are often sent to those of great admiration; making this a great choice for Mothers, spouses, or even a simple way to tell someone that you are dazzled by their charm.
  • Romantica roses perfectly marries the grace and beauty of old roses while also maintaining the blossomy and resistance of the modern-day rose. As the name implies, these beauties symbolise love, passion, and devotion; making this a great gifting choice for your significant other!

Handmade flower candles by Forest Flames

  • Peony; these fluffy full-faced flowers are bound to take your breath away. Often associated with romance these flowers were originally known as a symbol of luck and prosperity said to bring good fortune to whoever receives them. These beauties are truly something special, making a great gift to family, friends, your partner, or even someone in need of some good luck.
  • Dahlia; One of the most beloved flowers and frequently used in ceremonies, Dahlias are known for their rich texture, vibrant colour, and size (some grow to be as large as your head!). The flower has a rich symbolism standing for wealth and elegance and is often gifted as an expression of love and devotion, making this a thoughtful gift for those you love and care about.
  • The English Rose; What more is there to say than what has already been said a million bouquets over? This iconic flower is the symbol of romance, beauty, and perfection, and is used many a time to relay a heartfelt sentiment that words usually can't. Red roses are perfect for the special someone in your life, while white roses standing for purity and innocence will make a wonderful gift to your daughter or for a baby shower. Show your admiration for someone with the light pink roses or celebrate your friendship or new beginnings with the yellow roses.

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Handmade Disclaimer: The product(s) you receive might vary slightly from the product picture due to the nature of your product(s) being 100% handmade. Any item you purchase is one of a kind. There are no two items in our shop that are exactly the same.

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